Justine Lombard - Therapeutic Reflexologist - 083 387 7432

Regular Reflexology for Better Health     

About my practice


I operate a home based practice in Erasmuskloof Pretoria East and am available for appointments on weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm. 

Appointment Time Table: I structure my appointments in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and allow time to co-ordinate with patients schedules.

 The appointment duration lasts one (1)  hour from the start time.

I use a variety of treatment sequences which involves performing a series of massage and pressure point activation techniques to the feet takes forty five minutes to complete and is performed at every appointment. 

In some cases I may utilise the Vacuflex Concepts Boot as I have found it assists lymph drainage and sometimes apply meridian cupping system as part of the treatment sequence 

An in-depth discussion concerning the patients health, diet and lifestyle is always conducted.

How many appointments are needed is decided on a case to case basis and depends on how the patient responds to the treatment, While just one treatment can be life changing, often a patient returns for subsequent treatments depending on their requirements and goals.

I received my diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology in March 2016 from the International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy.

Continued Professional Development

To learn about new techniques and innovative treatments, I take part in Continued Professional Development modules on a regular basis.

I am a member of